Make Foliage

Make Foliage

Let use a new add-on

Now we have a new option in Shift + A

We can reposition the plane on the tree

alt + G and alt+ R to remove any movement or rotation

move the tree out of the way and start modelling the branch

create a cylinder and reduce faces to 8

R + X + 90

edit mode

G to grab

E, S, G

align the foliage image to the branch

Create a new plane but this time with an angle to the previous one

The planes are a little flat

loop cuts

work with G

We can now link the remaining two objects to the first one

Control + L (select the last one at the end

Once linked, if I want to modify only one of them without affcting the other I have to un-link the object

Texturing the bark

Unfortunately the wrengler imported the PBR in the worng order so we need to remove the metallic one and replace it with the basic colour texture

It’s still not perfect

let’s change the scale of the texture

still not perfect, because we forgot to scale to 1 the model of the branch

The object is also rotated so we need to apply scale and rotation

To texture the tree we can link its material to the branch

Another site for PBR

The texture is not quite working for our tree

There are some hard lines as well

We can increase the “blend” option to mitigate the hard lines

The roughness map is strange

white = rough

black = glossy

the map looks wrong way round. we can change it; shift + A

add invert on the roughness channel

fine tuning

increase the scale to 2

Assembling Tree

Join branch elements

Control + J = join

To separate the branch again, go to edit mode and press P

the joined object has now got material slots

when assembling the tree, always do some tree search

bonsai tree are always good to make a tree

top view is better to start

use ALT + D

R + Z + 45

we are now going to scale up all together


Change colour of the leaves

select slot 2 which is the colour of the bark

brown leaves

We need to reduce the poly mesh of the trunk


select the objects and press M

Add elements to the scene

other way

this is now a single object