Stylized Table

Stylized Table

Vertex bevel to smooth the corner. Control + B then Vx3

Edge bevel then Vx2 and pull

select faces and delete faces

click one edge Fx2

Add two extra cube in the mesh

Add this little detail starting from a cube as scaling the top face down to zero

add cylinder 6 faces for the rod in the middle

loop it cut and then remove one half to allow working with mirroring

J to join vertexes

table corner element from a cube and extrusion

the cube doesn’t touch the leg

Table cloth

Add a plane, loop cut in half and delete the half. Add mirror

loop cut

Add a bottle; cylinder 8 faces.

for the cap, use ALT + E to open the extrude menu and select extrude along normal so the extrusion will be flat

bottle cap from a cylinder

for a glass, make half portion of a cylinder

enable clipping during the extrude