3D Horror Backroom – First Person

3D Horror Backroom – First Person

King Peng Studio proudly presents our newest project! A psychedelic and dreamy first person experience for mature audiences.

Project X is a survival/mystery/personal horror game that will try to confront heavy and sensitive themes in a thought-provoking exploration of abuse and mental health. More details: You will be playing as Jimmy, a 40-year old addict trapped in a maze-like structure with heavy backroom aesthetics. As you explore and start opening the locked rooms you will begin to discover Jimmy’s past, present and future as well as the reason he is trapped in… where?

Beware though! You will uncover some very disturbing things and an antagonist, who is driven by pure hate and loathing.

Sneak Peek: Room 5 (yes it took us 10 seconds to come up with the name) In this room we hope the player will feel the weight of Jimmy’s past and maybe forgive him for this.

The whole thing is supposed to be a metaphor which we hope will have the players’ emotional fortitude irritated.

Perspective view of the maze

Room 5 development and setup of the colour space

Room 5 dark side – development and setup of the colour space

Room 5 – video