Sculpting Rocks

Sculpting Rocks

I need more vertexes to play with

Remesh = shift + R

Control + R to remesh

now I can start sculpting

to dig into the mesh I can hold down Control; In this way I do the reverse of the brush

If I hold Shift + left click I smooth the shape

The mesh is now streched. If I want to remesh I can do that = Control +R

The rock is now having lots of poly, we can enable the statistics

Lets remesh with a bigger number

Shift + R to show the voxel size; it doesn’t adapt to the size of the rock

If the rock has grown up we might end up by re sizing the mesh up

To remove brush symmetry

Lets add new HDRI

Press home key to center the shaders if not visible

Add environmental texture

Go to render mode

We grab PBR from polyhaven

we unzip the files downloaded and they look like this

Enable the wrengler

With the wrengler in I can select the texture shader and then press Control + T to auto complete

change the coords from UV to Objects


I can’t connect the normal shader to the basic colour shader. As you can see from the picture below the two nodes have different dot colour yellow vs purple. This means I need something in between

We need a normal map

Connect the map coords to the normal shader

change the normal shader to Box from flat and increase the blend

Now we need to hook up the roughness

remeber a roughness of 1 = full white

roughness 0 = full black

Let’s plug the roughness in


Lets create a new rock from a pre existing one and lets use a new brush in the yellow section

yellow: deform, push and pull around section

blue section: add and take away

remesh when finifhed

Select the principled texture and : Control + Shit +T

The wrengler will automatically fill the shader page

The displacement is at the bottom

That node is called reroute

the normal map is missing, we can add it manually

Change from uv to object

change all projection to Box instead of flat

We need to activate the displacement

Press N and option

You need to be in renderer cycles

Change now the scale of the displacement to see the effects

I can now increase the level of the mesh

For better game performances render > levels