Spooky Corridor Design

Spooky Corridor Design

back face culling

face orientation

if we turn off back culling again

shift + N to ricalculate normals

separate faces with P

each face is now a new object

in the shading we change from image editor to uv editor

drag the texture into the shader editor

If the texture looks stretched then it might be rotated in the wrong angle

If we haven’t got a UV map we can create a new one

in edit mode press U

Before doing that we need to scale the model to 1, we press Control + A

Make the door of the corridor

If I select clipping and try to move one of the halves they wont be able to separate

Separate the front face of the door because we will be using it later on

I delete the other two

that’s how the door frame should look like

We now need to fill the gaps, select the edges and create a face F

move the door frame a bit back

We need to apply the mirror modifier to the material

Marking Seems with objects having mirror modifier applied

When we will apply the texture to this object there could be a seem showing on the top frame

Unwrapping is a confusing mess so we need to re-unwrap it (to view the door frame only select / on the numpad)

We get a warning when we try to U- unwrap

the unwrap is a big mess once again

Apply scale with Control + A

Blender is squashing the mesh because we have not specified a seem

We need to separate the object into islands, seems

It’s not going to work well due to this face at the bottom

but we don’t see this face so we can delete it

This is the top corner of the door frame

To see what part this is in the 3D model we have to select the icon below

select the edge loop in the figure

Still there is a problem with this area which is a bit squashed

We add two more seems to the top cube

Now we have very uniform faces

I can select the individual islands

grab and move them

Sbdivision surface modifier

two options

Loop cut

Supporting loop

Added mirror modifier as well deleting half of the entire object

We can also change the order the modifier are applied

delete the four top faces

Emission shaders

change colour emission to white

If we put the emissions up then we will start to see the lights in the corridor

Emission shader in Blender 2.8

Generate texture with texture coords

Add a door handle

We can also round this handle slightly

We can add some supporting loops

Blend option