Combining Texture Technique

Combining Texture Technique

Remesh a plane

we add a multi resolution modifier

it distorts the mesh

we can choose the simple method

click on Simple multiple times until happy with the mesh size

more faces

we can then bake the sculpt over the original and paint on top of it

Technique PBR

We can also add a PBR material on top of the plaster

We can also use the PBR as base material for some procedural texturing in the shade editor

We then create a new material for the plaster

Bring the PBR in Control + shift + T

we add a mix RGB

if we change the option to color overlay

Another way to influence the color is with a color ramp

We can now add some ambient occlusion

I want to combine the ambient occlusion and the color ramp. Control + shift + rightclick

We need to flip the colors because we want the ambient occlusion to influence the main color

we now need to add a color ramp

we now start to see the ambient occlusion effect when we move the black up

We now can modify the mix option to multiply

the difference is much better