Texture Painting

Texture Painting

With texture painting we can use the smart UV unwrap

pros: no seems

cons: no roughness

select one stone, click N and then go to item

the scale should be 1. Or we can find a stone with scale on within the ducplicates

we can play with angle limit

To mark the seems

create a new window on the top left corder to add the shade editor

add new texture

To save the painted texture

The texture is saved as a separate file compared to the blender file

To delete the texture I can just use the fill paint bucket

the paint goes over the edges very slightly, this is known as the bleed


16px of bleeding is standard practice

we want to paint a texture on the rock

select the Texture option

make sure we didn’t add the texture in the texture mask

when painting with texture we need to be in full white and no saturation

we can change the mapping to random

it’s better to tap with the brush rather than paining to avoid bluring areas

Always check the face orientation. if it is red it means the face is reverted

when finished don’t forget to save the texture