Making a castle

Making a castle

duplicate object

shift R to repeat the last command

Tower section

Shift S to bring the cursor back to origin

S and E or I directly

merge vertexes by distance press M


smooth shading it isn’t fool proof

scroll to Normals

Normals are the face direction

Edge direction

the auto smooth option takes all the edges with a certain angle 30deg and makes them sharp

If I grab the edge under the tower and pull it down it will go smooth passing 30deg angle

Duplication link duplication

Control + L to link object data

Median point is the default change it to individual originas. Change it back to median point when finished

Now we need to duplicate parts so we need to set the media Port – transform pivot point

Use alt + D to copy duplicate

Control + F2 to batch rename

Create a plane

create 20 loop cuts on X and Y

We can also do a submidive of the mesh

G grab

we will use the proportinal edit tool

use wheel mouse to increase the affected area select the faces

Control + G to select with optimal path tiles


turn off proportional edit

press scale and then Z and Zero on the keyboard to flat the bottom surface


castle grey

If I forgot to link object duplictates


Material slots

Control + grow the selection nd control – decrases

select slot

Then add new material to the slot

in this way I can selectively select the materials in a slot

change the roughness of the tower

add an HDRI

I can turn off the light in the scene

Create turrets and roof

Since we have created the roof by scaling at zero the cylider the vertexes need to be merged by distance, click M


select the 3D cursor on top of the roof

G X move the outer vertexes

select the edges and G + Y and use the mouse wheel to reduce the sice