3D model of a sword

3D model of a sword

Video Ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stPP7zdKya0&ab_channel=Kingkade3D


Delete 3 vertexes

Click E and extrude the vertex

Merge the latest vertexes

merge at first

select vertexes pairs

Click F to connect

select edges

Click F

select Face

extrude all faces

Add loop cut

Scale the loop cut by selecting it

select vertexes again

move vertexes to make shape look better

Handle Design

Add a cylinder

Select top furface

scale it out

Finish the handle, we grab one vertex of the sword

We duplicate the individual vertex and move it ( we are in vertex mode)

extrude vertexes

Click Z and select wireframe

we select all vertexes

click F

should be solid

Extrude the handle

select all faces

move it in position

scale all parts

select the faces of the handle alt L

copy the single face, paste it, flip it and move it down to cover the last portion of the handle

In object mode

select the four faces

bevel the faces control B