Artist Test

Artist Test


Character Design Assignment – CONCEPT ARTIST

  • no background (50% bluish grey background)
  • the artwork needs to have line art (it doesn’t matter if it is uniform, free handed, made with a pen tool…) but it has to be a dark line art (preferably black, to avoid background overlaps and to have a common design key for all the elements).  Note that the line art is not just to content the colour, it has to be expressive by itself too: the line art has to work WITHOUT the colour
  • A layer/pass of flat colours. The artist has freedom to choose as long as the layer fit the theme/idea of their interpretation of the character
  • the base colours need to be easily switchable. This doesn’t mean that it HAS to be a solid colour layer, but rather that they should try to keep the flat colours in their separate layers as much as possible
  • shadow made with a solid colour layer (for photoshop, other programs refer to this layers as uniform colours for example) in a multiply blend mode. The shadow has to be blue tinted.
  • A layer of highlights/details.  This layer should be for creating the main lighting effects and cartoony highlights.
  • A layer of colour dodge to add some FX/saturation/additional light

Animation Assignment – ANIMATOR

Create a sprite sheet of one of the character created in the Studio “join Us” advertisement

The animation can consist of one of the following action:

  • Walk
  • Attack
  • Jump
  • Die
  • Laugh